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Newbie here, How to change mem range for expresscard slot??

     U405D-S2850 factory spec. vista32 . 

I bought skyrim and my integrated graphics can only run it on the lowest off all settings and is still choppy.  I am trying to use an external desktop graphics card(EVGA 9600 gt 512mb overclocked) run through my expresscard slot and outputting to a MAG innovision 19" widescreen monitor that supports HDCP. The computer recognizes the device and I have the latest driver installed.  I am getting code 12 "not enough resources".  If I boot up with the device installed, the screen works while the cylon progress bar is moving then the screen goes black and I get the periodic beep.

 How do I find the utilities to change memory range and I/O settings for the pci bus??

  The card is of the same vintage as my satellite and was designed for Vista.

Thank you for your help!!  I can't wait to see Skyrim in it's full glory.