Laptop screen won't come on!

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Laptop screen won't come on!

Hello, I have a dire problem. This isn't evn my laptop, its my moms, so please help!


My laptop is a Satellite L455-S5975.


The monitor screen just won't come on. Yesterday, I walked to a bench to pick up wireless, and the screen wouldn't come on. The orange light was flashing on the bottom. Since I had an incident like this before, I took it home and plugged in the battery charger. Last time, the orange light was flashing becasue the battery wasn't charged all the way, and it had turned itself off because of low power. Yesterday, I knew I had charged the laptop all night. The screen, even when I touched the monitor button, wouldn't come on. It didn't turn on for the rest of the day. I tried taking the power plug out, taking the laptop battery out(from the bottom), but the screen still didn't come on.


This is strange, because early yesterday morning, the laptop was fine. I was listening to music. My mom offered to drop me off somewhere, so I closed the laptop. Now I closed the laptop while the music was playing, and it cut off shortly. Maybe this is good information? but I think I've done this before. I put the laptop into my nike backpack(the light ones with the string, like I've been doing for a week now). Then later i went to the bench, and found my problem.


The laptop, when plugged in, two lights are on. The light above the 'battery' icon is on and the light above the 'plug' icon is on. The monitor icon( the circle with a lign in the middle) will stay green for a few seconds when i touch the monitor button, but will go off. Yesterday, before I took out the laptop battery to try ans find a solution, the monior icon had a orange light flashing but wouldn't turn on when I pushed the monitor button. Can anyone help, or is it broken?