Laptop screen "quivering" or shaking? (A500-ST6622)

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Laptop screen "quivering" or shaking? (A500-ST6622)

Hey all...


So I have a three month old Satellite (A500-ST6622) and as of tonight, its screen has been occasionally quivering or shaking a bit.  I tried adjusting the resolution lower, and that helped... the computer has been on for many hours, and I had it on my lap for a bit, so I thought maybe overheating might've had something to do with this?


After it stopped quivering on the lower resolution, I put it back to the higher one and it started shaking again.  But then I moved my laptop to the desk... and after twenty minutes or so, it seems back to normal. I also have a NVIDIA graphics card.


Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem?