Laptop display issues

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Laptop display issues

I have a lot of issues with my display:


  • First it started flickering
  • When the flickering got worse, the screen went dim
  • After a while my screen would stay black (backlight on) upon restart
  • Now my screen is completely white, it only works at a 45-90 degree angle

I could solve the flickering/screen going dim by fiddling with the inverter every now and then, annoying but it works.

I cannot restart/shut down my laptop, otherwise my screen won't work properly on boot. Applying pressure to the back of the lid or punching it gently would fix this.

Last time I must have punched it too hard cuz now my whole screen is white. If I view it at a 45-90 angle it works fine. Anything below or above that and my screen goes blank.


Any suggestions? I thought some cables might have become loose but I opened the lid, reconnected the monitor/inventer and everything and it didn't change a thing.