Laptop - TV connection

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Laptop - TV connection

Hi. I'm trying to watch hulu and other digital content from my laptop on a TV. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (model E105-S1402) and a Magnavox HDTV (model no: 26MD255V). As far as I can tell, my laptop only has an HDMI out, and the TV has every connect except HDMI. I bought an HDMI -> DVI cable and I am able to connect the laptop to the TV. The picture is available (haven't yet tried sound). But, the picture is horrible. Certainly not something I would want to watch. The color is distorted (mostly blue but with a harsh red border all the way around) and the screen tends to blink from a pale blue to a darker blue color. I have tried to play with the display settings. I don't seem to be able to improve the resolution for the "2nd monitor". It remains on "low", though I can change the resolution on the main monitor-- the laptop. Could this be the source of my problem? If so, how would I go about fixing this and/or what other settings or issues can I look at to troubleshoot this?



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Re: Laptop - TV connection

The DVI input is strictly video. You will need to hook a separate wire from the computer's headphone jack to the TV set for sound. HDMI is better in that it also includes the sound signal too. No extra wires needed with HDMI. Part of the problem you may be having is that you are using the same resolution on the computer's screen as your TV. Your best bet would be to do an FN-F5 key combination to move all of the video output to the TV. At this point, the computer will try to pick the best resolution that the internal video card can support. Still with a big screen TV, that may not look that great.


The strange colors that you are complaining about bothers me. The video should be pretty good, but not as bad as you are saying. Try a different TV or a different cable or even a different computer. Something seems really wrong with the video that you are seeing. If after playing swap the components and you are still having problems with the computer's HDMI output, I would contact Toshiba's Call Center, 800-457-7777, and see about getting the computer fixed.