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Laptop Display Not Working

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Hi. I am new to this forum. I have a 1115-S103 laptop. The display has gone very dark on the LCD. I can see afint images of what is on the screen. I have an external LCD connected and can view it perfectly. I have toggle back and forth using Fn F5 and currently have it set to dislpay on both screens. This problem began intermittently and now seems permanent. I don't think it is the ATI driver as I have tried to update it and get meesages telling me I have the latest version ( Device Manager tells me it is working properly. When I look at Display Properties, the laptop monitor is set to 640X480 and Color Quality of Low. It will not allow me to make changes. It may be that my laptop monitor is hosed, but any ideas are welcome.


Update: I found and read this thread:

I thought it helped at first as the Welcome screen appeared on the laptop display, but then it went back to be really faint. I seem to recall this whole issue starting when I unpluged the laptop from the AC and went mobile. Can the battery cause this issue or did I create a surge when I unplugged the laptop?

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Re: Laptop Display Not Working

I retried the steps listed in the link in my previous post with slightly more luck. I managed to see my desktop for a few seconds. The screen flickered during that time and then went black. Again, I can see my desktop very faintly in the background.


Here is another bit of information: When viewing display properties, it tells me the monitor is inactive. Is there a way to activate it? I have been playing around and cannot find how to so that.