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Intel HD Display Drivers vs Toshiba's version..

I was on Intel's site and noticed there is an updated version of the HD video drivers .   The version installed on my A665 are  Intel's latest version is  When I tried to update, the installer returned an error message that said the driver version was customized by your manufacturer and it cannot update over the current driver.


Does anyone know what the differnce is in the Toshiba driver?  and does anyone see any reason not ot use the newest Intel version?


On another note.  This new display is over saturated in the blue.  Does anyone else feel the same?  Aside from going into the Intel settings or ICC profiles, is there another way to correct this, like a white balance or dispaly color temperature setting somewhere?

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Re: Intel HD Display Drivers vs Toshiba's version..

Hi, did you manage t install it in the end? I'm trying to upgrade and running into the same issue.