How to test webcam?

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How to test webcam?

I bought a L355-S7835 laptop in January. It's my third Toshiba laptop. I honestly cannot remember if I tried the webcam--I think so, but am not sure as I have a couple other computers here I might have been using instead. Anyway, I sent it in for service on a broken power back a month ago, got it back, all is well, except when I go to use my webcam software, nothing whatsoever happens when I try to start it. So if I go into control panel, scanners and cameras, it does not find the camera at all. The problem is, the camera is *built in*. So I have no idea if it's that the camera doesn't really exist? Or the connection is bad? Or...?  Is there some way to investigate so I can at least see WHAT the problem is prior to sitting through an hour on the phone with tech support?




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Re: How to test webcam?

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It should be fairly obvious if your notebook has a camera or not (I believe it does).  Should be a little rectangular window in the display bezel right below the latch.  Probably says "web camera" on it.


In your start menu, type "camera" into the start search box.  "Camera Assistant Software" will probably be the first choice on the list.  Click on it.  The little camera tab dealie should appear on the edge of your display.  Click on the start camera icon.

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Re: How to test webcam?

Satellite L355-S7835 


I have no idea if it's that the camera doesn't really exist?

According to the specs above, that model has a "Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel."

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