How to increase your FPS?

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How to increase your FPS?

Hello guys, I'm just wondering about my case, my laptop is Toshiba Satellite A505 I don't know what's the other specification I don't know where to find it, all I know it's an A505. Anyways, I think the laptop is quite good everything is neat! It's just that the video card, kinda is bad..I mean it's only 512 mb >.<, anyways I'm planning to update my driver, but my cousin says that you can't update it or something. I can't upgrade my video card as well right? So what can I do to improve my FPS? I'm playing a game and it's only 30 FPS then it reaches to 10 -30 it's not stable and I'm sooo sad haha. Will defragging help?

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Re: How to increase your FPS?

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If you have the GPU control software (Catalyst Control Manager or CCC for ATI gpu's), you can try setting the gpu for performance over quality. It's in the 3D tab. Try navigating the window. What's your gpu btw?