How to activate my webcam - A215-s4757

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How to activate my webcam - A215-s4757

I know this is a silly question but I am asking anyway. I realized that I have a webcam on my laptop and never used it today.  


If someone can help me in how to activate or just "turn" it on I appreciate it.


Thank you

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Re: How to activate my webcam - A215-s4757

For Toshiba laptop equipped with default softwares, there is the Toshiba Camera assistant software.


Toshiba Camera Assistant Software deals with the Chicony webcam found in your system. It handles the settings and the camera itself. Usually you find it in the sides of the laptop (not unless disabled). This software is the one popping out from the side usually and you can turn on your webcam from the software.


If in case you dont see the software popping out from the side, try using Start Search. Just type in Camera on the start search and left click on the result of the search and it will popout again from the sides.


You can also start the software from the notification tray, just hover your mouse over the icons and try to look for the camera software and you will be able to start the software from there.


If in case you searched for the software and start search could not find it, try reinstalling the Toshiba Value Added Package from


I hope I helped!! goodluck.. I'm just also new here BTW.