HDMI no sound on TV

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HDMI no sound on TV

i recently updated the BIOS on my Satellite E205 and since, when i plug my laptop to my TV via HDMI, there is no sound on the TV, only in the Laptop.  What can i do.


Also mi Intel WIDI stop working i have donwloaded the latest software and drives from Intel, but still is not working


any help? Thank you

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Re: HDMI no sound on TV

Use the headphone jack to connect to TV.  I know it's seems a pain but is a good fix.

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Re: HDMI no sound on TV

Not sure if this will help, but you might try opening the Sounds control panel, then the Audio tab (I think, I'm going from memory, as I don't have a Win7 machine near to look at right now) then see if you have multiple devices to choose from as the default device.


Most machines that have HDMI actually have a sound device for the computer speakers and headphone output, and a seperate sound device for the audio signal that goes out over HDMI.  Sometimes the switching works on its own, and sometimes needs some prompting.

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Re: HDMI no sound on TV

That was my experience recently. The sound over HDMI did not happen until we set it as the default.

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