Get rid of extended desktop

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Get rid of extended desktop

I am connecting a monitor to a Tecra M5.  Using the fn+F5 I can only get the extended desktop on the monitor.  How do I get the image only on the monitor?

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Re: Get rid of extended desktop

I'm using Win XP


Right click on your mouse:

Go to Properties>

Select Settings Tab >

uncheck "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" >

click "apply"

click "ok"


This should eliminate your desktop extending. 


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Re: Get rid of extended desktop

Another alternative is by simply toggling FN+F5. There are three modes when toggling Fn+F5. By default you should see display on the main LCD of the portable. Toggling FN+F5 will switch it to the external monitor, a second toggle will allow you to see it in both and toggling it again will revert it back to your main screen on the portable. Hope this works!
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Re: Get rid of extended desktop

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Well basically, pressing the Fn+F5 (by default) will enable the extended desktop screen on your external display. I think your question is, "How to enable Clone MODE of your internal display to your external display. You can enable this option by going directly to your Video card utility software. Under advance display options, you have to select "CLONE Mode / Duplicate display".


You can also contact your Video card hardware manufacturer for further support. Hope this helps!!!

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Re: Get rid of extended desktop

Good tips so far.  One more tip, some models have what Toshiba calls a Presentation button, or somethign like that.  It is a button that is simular to the Fn+F5 but in one button.  Try pressing it.  I think it shows a icon simular to the one on the F5 key, with a computer and a monitor symbols.
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Re: Get rid of extended desktop

Lots of info on playing with multiple desktops in Windows XP here...


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