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External lcd monitor and Toshiba satellite laptop will black out and shut down computer.

My Laptop, model L355d-s7901 is hooked up to a 23" Samsung lcd analog monitor as an extension monitor. The resolution on the monitor is set for 900x1440. The maximum my video card can produce. After I have both on for any time between 1 hour or 8 hours the monitor and screen on the laptop will blink off and on 3 or 4 times and then my computer will shut down. When I run diagnostics, it says that the ati driver stopped working and look for an update. When I look for an update the computer says that the driver is correct. Help? I've talked to Toshiba tech assistance before I first got thre monitor about making sure that the monitor size was OK. They said that the size didn't matter just make sure you don't set the resolution higher than 900x1440. Help. Both the laptop and monitor are new. I replaced the monitor once already thinking that was the problem. Help !!??