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Blu-ray won't play

InterVideo WinDVD BD for Toshiba pre-installed on Satellite P505-S8980 won't play blu-ray discs. Says that Blu-ray player needs an update, but I can't find any type of update, except to buy a newer version. Any ideas?

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Re: Blu-ray won't play

My blu ray says " your current configuration does not support protected content playback"  I have an hdmi cable from the laptop to hdmi on a 2010 Samsung LCD. What more do I  need?  Oh, and good luck finding anyone at Toshiba to help.

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Re: Blu-ray won't play

Re: Blu-ray won't play[ New ]

i spoke to a level 1 tech who could not help.  I spoke with a level 2 tech who could not help.  2 days later I got a call from a level 3 tech.  Fortunately, during that 2 day wait, I found the answer on the internet.  The level 3 tech gave me the wrong answer.  I told him I would give him the correct answer if he would post it to the Toshiba database so all could get the answer.  He said he would.  Apparently he did not.  Try this link:


it solved the problem for me.  You must set the laptop to display only to the tv before paying the disk.

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Re: Blu-ray won't play

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The Win DVD BD that was preloaded on my Laptop would lockup and wouldnt allow me to use it until I upgraded.


I recommend you uninstall the original Win DVD BD version you have and any trial editions you may have downloaded and follow what I have listed below to fix your problem.


This is only a recommendation. Uninstall and install software at your own risk. If this fix doesn't work for you then you will have to call Toshiba and request a disc to reinstall your original software you uninstalled.


Use my model #A505-6014 to find the Win DVD BD software you need.


Go to > Download > then choose your category (Laptop) then your Family (Satellite) then my model #(A505-6014). Or you can just enter S6014 in the search box and it should bring up a list of all Laptop models with S6014 in them. Choose the A505-S6014 and click Go.


Now from the two drop down lists choose which Operating system: (Windows 7 64 bit) should be what you have, then choose Blu-Ray in the 2nd drop down list. 


You should now see this listed:

WinDVD BD for Toshiba for Windows 7 (32/64)(v8.0; 11-05-2009; 176.1M)


Download and SAVE this file to your desktop or My Downloads folder so you do not have to search for it again after you reboot if need be.



Reboot after installation.


After OS is completely loaded again, insert a Blu-Ray disc and hopefully it should automatically play.


On my Laptop they recommended updating the Intel Management Engine Interface driver but your model does not show this listed as a driver that can be updated. So warning, don't update it per the instructions listed on the Win DVD BD download list from the A505-S6014 downloads. It may cause issues if its not for your laptop.


Also, When playing Blu-Ray's I turn my power management to Performance.


Let us know if this fixes things for you.


Good luck!


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Re: Blu-ray won't play

Thank you hailofaguy.  Your solution worked for me on my P505-S8980.  I did not update the Intel Management Engine only the WinDVD program.

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Re: Blu-ray won't play

I agree with you ! Called toshiba and was told to go to ..yeah right , from there all I got was ads for tech help companies !!! They are of no help at all !! I am so disgusted with toshiba . I got Blu-ray BDX2150 for christmas . Never would connect to internet and the movies play when ever they decide they want too . What a waste of money . Didn't keep receipt cause toshiba is suppose to be a top company . Boy was I a fool.