Message Tags, Kudos, and Accepted Solutions

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Message Tags, Kudos, and Accepted Solutions

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The Toshiba Forums feature a few ways to make it easier for forum users to find messages of the greatest interest to them by allowing forum members to add information about messages in the form of tags, Kudos, and Accepted Solutions. 


Tags are any words that help to describe what a message is about.  Each message can have many tags associated with it, and any logged-in forum member can create tags for any message.  Searches in the forums also look at tags when looking for messages to match search terms, so tagging messages increases the value of the messages for all forum members.


Also, as you navigate through most screens of the forums, there will be a "Top Tags" area on the right side of the page.  This tag 'cloud' displays tags that are relevant for your current context within the forums.  Larger font tag terms indicate that a tag is used many times in the current area of the forums, while smaller font tag terms are used infrequently.


To add tags to a message, just click on the red 'Add Tag...' button at the bottom of the message. 


Kudos are a way for forum members to express appreciation for any message that they find particularly helpful, informative, or insightful.  Any forum member can give Kudos to any messages, but only one Kudo per message can be given by each forum member. 

Each message displays the number of Kudos that have been given to it, so looking at the Kudos count is one way that forum users can identify particularly useful messages.  Also note that the total number of Kudos given in to all messages in a thread appears when you select a message board and view its list of threads. 


To add your Kudos to a message, click on the red partial-star Kudos image to the left of each message.

Accepted Solutions
Many threads will be all about describing and finding solutions for various types of problems that people encounter when using their computers and consumer electronics gear.  The 'Accepted Solutions' feature provides a method for forum members who start threads to indicate when a reply has supplied a solution to the problem that had been experienced.  Each thread can have only one Accepted Solution and only the thread originator (and forum admin staff) can designate a message as an Accepted Solution for the thread.


Messages selected as Accepted Solutions will have a graphical badge indicating that status, and the original message in the thread will include a link to jump down to the Accepted Solution.

The Tags, Kudos, and Accepted Solutions features are provided to help forum users find the best of the best information here in the forums.  Please use them as often as you find appropriate.