Won't connect to Internet

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Won't connect to Internet

I have now connected to router with network cable; I can connect this way. To make another attempt at connecting wirelessly, I have also now done the Easy Setup using PIN, entering that PIN to my router. My router thinks I am now wirelessly connected. Would that it were so; as before, the Network Connection Test tells me that I am not connected..


So I have now performed Wireless Setup:

   Easy Setup using PBC

   Easy Setup using PIN

   Assisted Setup

   Manual Setup

   IP Adress Setup (Manual)

   DNS Setup (Manual)


When I go to Wireless Information, the Status shows connected. It also shows Authentication as WPA2-PSK and Encryption as AES (even though, in Manual Setup, it said it couldn't connect because those 2 items were incorrect).


SOOO, unless I get some help on the Forum, I am going to have to call Technical Support. I have avoided this route like The Plague, having been through this nightmare on other occasions -- also, reviews on Amazon don't have very good things to say about Toshiba's. If you can't help me with this problem, at lest wish me luck.