Using PIP with a DVD Recorder (vs. a VCR machine)

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Using PIP with a DVD Recorder (vs. a VCR machine)

I have a older dual-tuner Toshiba CRT-type TV (CF27F50) on cable.  It worked fine w/ the VCR I had years ago; now I want to set it up w/ my DVD player.  I run RCA-type cables from the cable box to the DVD, then the same type cables to the TV input.  Applying the hook-up plan for the VCR, I'd also run a coax-type cable from the DVD output to the input on the TV.  The attached figure shows how I am hooking up (though, as I indicate, I'm running RCA cables to the DVD).


PIP comes on via the remote (as it should).  When I press "Source" on the remote, it displys



on the screen, one at a time in magenta.  Pressing Source button toggles between these two.


In the original instructions (for the VCR; see pp22-23 in the attached manual)), it says to select VIDEO and then to "Select channels for the PIP using the VCR's channel keys."


The PIP screen only echoes what appears in the main TV screen.


Any ideas on how to fill the PIP screen with another channel?