Toshiba 40TL938G - Support in Morocco

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Toshiba 40TL938G - Support in Morocco

Good evening,
is more day that I search Toshiba support center in Casablanca Maroc.
I've bought my TV 3D in the last month 03/06/2013 on COSMOS Electro
70-74 Angle Rues Smiha et Ouled Ziane 22000 Casablanca (maroc) tel. +212
529 00 33 11.
Unfortunately my TV was crashed and I called my reseller in order to
repair my TV (is more than 2 weeks that I try) but without solution.
So I want just to repair my TV in order to use it... but it seem that in
Casablanca (and Morocco in general) ther isn't Assistance Centre.

Can you help me to have email or contact in order to proceed with quick
reparation of my Toshiba TV?

Thank you
Best regards

phone +212 659500780
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Re: Toshiba 40TL938G - Support in Morocco

This is the forum for Toshiba USA. We don't have information on Toshiba in other regions. You may want to check here: 


Toshiba Global Top Page

- Peter
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Re: Toshiba 40TL938G - Support in Morocco

I searched on the site, but impossible to discover any information about support in Morocco.

So, now I would want to buy a LED 3D panel of my model, we will provide to repair my TV myself.

Where I can write, or call, or contact to order the part?


In Morocco is impossible to contact someone that know Toshiba!


Thank you in advance for your help.