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Toshiba 36A43 tube TV IR remote interference?...

We're having a pretty big issue here with our Toshiba tube tv, Model No. 36A43.  First off, we live in Decatur, GA, but since Sunday afternoon, we've been experiencing intermittent issues with the tv that's odd.  We were all sitting there watching tv, then all of a sudden the volume skyrocketed to the max 100 level.  No one was near the tv, nor was anyone leaning on the volume on the remote.  We had to unplug the tv to get the volume down, but then, the volume went all the way down to level 0 and wouldn't stay up.  It happened again on Monday, where the volume was at a normal level, then all of a sudden the volume went down to 0.  As we used the remote, or the buttons on the set to move the volume back up, it was almost like the tv fought us by constantly moving the volume back down.  Sometimes it would stop, but then eventually continue reducing until it went to 0.  However Tuesday, the tv behaved normally with no issues, but today the issues started again.


Even when the volume was at 0, we still saw the Volume HUD on the screen, still indicating that something was causing the volume to still attempting to go down further.  This isn't happening with any other tv in the house, and only with the Toshiba in our den.  We believe it is an infrared (IR) issue in our area, but we aren't sure how to even go about resolving this issue.  If there is some IR interference going on in our neighborhood...who would we even contact to resolve this -- or is this an issue with our tv set?