TOSHIBA 32" HD TV Model # 32C11OU

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TOSHIBA 32" HD TV Model # 32C11OU

I am trying to hook up headphones to the TV but can't find an outlet to hookup to? I have a satellite receiver and there isn't any place to hook up?? Can someone please suggest how to fix this problem and save my marriage !!
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Re: TOSHIBA 32" HD TV Model # 32C11OU

there is no 3.5mm jack output on that model, there is only a digital optcial out

you only choice if you want to hook up headphones to it is to buy a digital to analog audio converter which run about $30, along with a few cables (optcial toslink and composite to 3.5mm converter cable) which only cost a few $, I just purchased one for my old surround sound system and wireless headphones and works fine now

another cheaper option is just to use the audio output on your reciever box, a simple cheap composite to 3.5mm converter cable is all you need (this is only if you will use this tv to watch stuff off the satalite box, if you hook up another device, say ps3 then the sound output will not work)


as for your satalite box, did you make sure you have a high definatition capable box?

I had to to exchange my cable box for a hd box at their store (there was not charge for this)

it should have HDMI out on it