Request help with a sound problem - LCD/TV Model: 22CV100C

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Request help with a sound problem - LCD/TV Model: 22CV100C



Could someone please help me with a problem I am having with the sound on my TV?


My TV is Toshiba, LCD/TV, Model No. 22CV100C.  It was purchased new in July, 2010.  I am in Canada.


I am having sound problems with both television programs, and also the playback of DVDs.  I am using the speakers built into the TV.


1.  I receive televsion programs by means of a commercial satellite service.  My package includes approximately 100 channels.  The sound on some channels comes through loud and clear.  So loud, in fact, that I have turn the sound down.  However, on some other channels, the sound is very low.  Even with the volume turned up to the maximum level, I can barely hear the sounds coming from these particular stations.  This has been a persistent problem ever since I first acquired the machine.


2. When it comes to playing DVD's, I experience similar problems, although the problem is more pronounced because more often than not I can barely make out what the people are saying in the movie.  Again, I have to turn the volume up to maximum.


A year ago, while the TV was still under warrenty, I took it into a Toshiba approved repair shop.  These people acknowledged that the TV was experiencing sound problems.  Their solution was to change the sound card.  To do so meant that that they had to have a new card sent to them from the Toshiba plant in Toronto.  The card arrived, was installed, and tested, and the TV returned to me.


Regarless, I am still having this problem.


Can anyone suggest a solution? Or if not a solution, some line of enquiry I might persue?


Many thanks, in advance.

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Re: Request help with a sound problem - LCD/TV Model: 22CV100C

Did you have it examined for this problem? If so, did it solve the problem temporarily or was it still there? I'd suggets you contact Toshiba Canada's support again.

- Peter