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Remote CT-90325 not working on TV 29L1350

Have a new remote for the TV model 29L1350U.  The remote model is CT-90325 but it does not work with my fairly new TV.  Can someone provide guidance on how to get it to work with the TV.  Maybe I need to insert a code and if such, I do not know what code to insert or how to insert a code, or maybe there is something else that needs to be done.

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Re: Remote CT-90325 not working on TV 29L1350

No code is needed. Either the remote isn't producing signals, or the TV isn't receiving them. Try checking if the remote is working by pointing it at your camera while you watch what's on the screen of your camera. Hold a button down on the remote. You should see the LED on the remote light up in your camera. It might be best to do this in a dark room.

- Peter