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Picture problems on Toshiba LCD TV

I have a display problem with my new television a Toshiba 22 DV500B Widescreen LCD TV.  I am happy with the colour and clarity of the picture with one annoying exception. It is a bit difficult to explain. If I watch a film and the scene suddenly changes to outside action say in a darkened alleyway the background is ok but the faces of the actors all change to a dark metallic hue which is sort of outlined - best way I can think of to describe them. When they go back inside all is well and the colour of the face is as usual. I happily concede I know nothing about settings which may be the problem but as it is only faces in dark scenes I can not begin to think what setting is wrong.
Any idea what could possibly be causing this. Am I viewing it in the wrong mode or something?

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Re: Picture problems on Toshiba LCD TV

I own a Toshiba 40E220U and when I first got it, it was adjusted to the most horrific settings you can imagine. The factory defaults were just terrible, and after reujusting some of the setting I got it to the point where I want it to be. Play around with your settings, don't be scared to change things, you can alsways reset it to factory default.