How to Hook Up Wii and DVD player to 46L5200U

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How to Hook Up Wii and DVD player to 46L5200U

We just bought the 46L5200U TV, but we can't figure out how to hook up the wii to it. First off, the colors on the wii cable don't match the connectors on the TV and our DVD player is already using all of those connectors anyway. How do we hook up both?

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Re: How to Hook Up Wii and DVD player to 46L5200U

The Wii's standard cable is a composite one (yellow for video, right for right audio and white for left audio).


Check down the sides and back of your TV for a yellow connection. If you don't have one, perhaps your TV shares a connection between component and composite devices. If that is the case, one of these connectors would be marked "CVBS/Y" and may not neccessarily be yellow itself. Plug the yellow cable into that.


Then try selecting "AV" or "composite" from your TV input selection.



Regarding the same inputs, does your DVD player have an HDMI connection? If so, you can buy an HDMI cable and use that to connect to your TV. Or if it's an older player, you could use a scart cable?

If your DVD player does not have any other alternative connections, you could try using cable splitters or buy an HDMI adaptor for your Wii, albeit at further expense.

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Re: How to Hook Up Wii and DVD player to 46L5200U

Just bought a 46L5200U.


My DVD is connected to an HDMI port (HDMI 3).


Wii only has a one form of output - Composite (Red, White & Yellow).

The 46L5200U has only one set of Composite input connections which you can use for your Wii.

If your 46L5200U Composite input connections are in use by another device, you can use a Composite Switch which selects the device to input to the TV (after you plug in the devices and TV cables to the Composite Switch).


FYI - In my case I use the 46L5200U Composite input connections to connect to a set of VCR Composite outputs.

And, I connect my Wii to another set of VCR Composite outputs (originally used for Camcorder connections).

This workaround suits my needs but it does require switching VCR settings and, in my case, plugging in the Wii connections to the VCR Camcorder connections (which auto-senses the Wii connections).

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Re: How to Hook Up Wii and DVD player to 46L5200U

I had similar experience with PS3 console.Everything was Black and white. After trying for hours it hit me while looking around the menu...Go to Menu,select "Preferences", go down to" AV Input" use left and right position to change input from COLOR STREAM to" Video.".I found out its set up for Color Stream(blue red green). I have an HDMI cabe but hooked up the Yellow Red and white. You have to chage it if your using Yellow Red White RCA cables for a game console DVD etc. Good luck.. Gary