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HDMI and PC inputs do not work on my 37AV502R LCD TV

HDMI inputs and PC inputs do not work consistently


my Apple TV (HDMI) and computers 2 on HDMI, 1 on PC, display just fine n the TV but after a while the TV goes blank,


the time is not consistent sometime a few minutes, sometimes a few hours,


but every time, after the TV goes blank there is nothing I can do, the TV just stays blank, if I unplug and turn back on the TV displays the image for a split second and goes bank again,


I thought it might be an overheating thing, however sometimes the PC input will stop working but the HDMI input (either one) will work fine,


has anyone else had this issue?





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Re: HDMI and PC inputs do not work on my 37AV502R LCD TV

I'm having the same issue.  As soon as I connect it to VGA or HDMI, it goes into a cycle of flashing on-and-off.  A guy on youtube had the same problem (posted a video identical to my problem) and reportedly fixed it with a firmware update.  


The problem: the US website doesn't have a firmware download.  The canadian website does, but the update is from 4/2009, and the manufactured date on the back of my TV is 5/2009.  (I also tried the update, but it didn't fix the problem).


When I call Toshiba to ask about the firmware update, after they confirm I am out of warranty, their automated system keeps hanging up on me.  So frustrating.