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DVD on plays in black and white

Purchased a 50" LED (50L2200U) TV and when I hook up the DVD player using the red, white and yellow coded cables I only get black and white when playing a DVD, went back to the store where purchased TV and they said to connect the the yellow to green port I don't have a green port on TV. Any ideas how to get DVD to play in color?

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Re: DVD on plays in black and white

According to the manual here -


you should have a jack labeled Y/VIDEO. This is where you plug the yellow video cable.


You will also have to go into the Menu and change the "AV Input" setting from ColorStream to Video.

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Re: DVD on plays in black and white

See if your DVD player has an HDMI port and use it to connect to the TV. The HDMI port is digital and carries both the sound and video signals, so you only need one cable and get a much better picture than some composite or component cables.