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Installed new original lamp but TV keeps on blinking yelloe light several times before the picture comes up. About 50% of time it comes up with Red lamp and a voice saying "Lamp not working". But after turning of TV and turning it off after few minutes, the picture comes. But I have to try a few times to get the picture whenever I want to watch TV. Tried all types of Menu options from forums but no luck. Someone suggested that there is a firmware update availabel for this problem, but that link does not exist anymore. Even this support site does not have any product or downloads listed for the DLP TVs.


Where can I download the 65HM167 updates from?  Can someone give a link that is active or email me at


It is a DLP TV, I spent over $2500 and not ready to throw away and spend another couple of thousands for a TV. (If I had to, it will not be a Toshiba one). Toshiba discontinued this model, and also withdraw download file support from its support site. Discontinuing a product which they found was a bad design  doesn''t mean that buyers will not need firmware update. We spent thousands from our budget after being fooled by the marketing of 65HM167 TV as one of the best TV with Toshiba's best technology and ultimately found that we were fooled. In fact, if their design was bad, Toshiba should have returned full 100% refund to all buyers, because their best technology was the best lie of the world and it is a crime to fool people with that and rob off people's savings.