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55HT1U Failed Me After 15 Months

A few days ago my LCD started flickering. The next morning I had to turn it off and on a few times to get picture. And now, it won't give any picture at all. It is definitely getting power, because the green light is on, and the picture flashes once when you turn it on before going completely black. So is this really the lifespan of a Toshiba TV? I expected to have this TV for the next 5-10 years. Yet just a few months outside the warranty, it fails. Are there any solutions to this outside of spending a fortune to get it fixed?

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Re: 55HT1U Failed Me After 15 Months

So still no reply! Very nice.


I had a guy from a toshiba service center come out to look at my TV today. He says it needs a LCD inverter kit, for the backlights. He tells me this happens often and it will cost me $934 to fix. THAT IS AS MUCH AS I PAID FOR THE TV.


Can I get no help from Toshiba whatsoever? This is clearly the manufacturer's fault and there is no extended warranty on the part? I have owned the TV for 15 months, this is absolutely ridiculous. Can I get a reply from a Toshiba representative? THANKS.

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Re: 55HT1U Failed Me After 15 Months

Toshiba customer support can be reached at (800) 631-3811. This forum is a peer-driven community.

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Re: 55HT1U Failed Me After 15 Months

Call tech support that maybe one of the one that they extanded they coverage for a year.