42" Regza with Red Line

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42" Regza with Red Line

Looking for help.  I'm so disappointed by the service I just received when I called for technical help.  I've owned a 42" Regza for a little more than a year.  A pink/red vertical line appeared a couple of inches from the right side.  I searched online and found this issue to be common.  Prevalent might be overstating it, but common certainly isn't.  I called the toll free Toshiba number and the rep I spoke with denied that it was an issue, and offered to troubleshoot over the phone for a fee.   I declined.

I can't believe Consumer Reports ranked this product and Toshiba's service so highly.  My next stop is to contact CR so they can perform third party research and hopefully "correct" their ranking next year.  I'll also include it when I receive their annual product information questionnaire.

Has anyone received better service?  Any ideas (other than to buy a new TV that does not have Toshiba's name on it)?

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Re: 42" Regza with Red Line

You could try leaving it unplugged overnight, but it likely needs servicing.


Phone support is free for the first 90-days.

- Peter