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37HL17 Flashing amber light/ need firmware to upgrade!

I have a 37HL17 Regza manufactured in Jan of 2008. After a random time of operation the TV turns off and the amber light to the left of the power light blinks 3 times, pauses for 2 seconds then blinks 3 times. The third blink lasts longer than the previous ones. Then the green power light comes on and the TV tries to power up. The screen will flash like it is about to come on then it shuts down and starts the error code cycle (which is what I assume all the light flashing is about) all over again. Some times it will come on after  unplugging and replugging a few times. It will stay on for as long as I use it sometimes. Mostly it will stay on for about 2.5 hours. After being off over night or longer it will usually turn right on. Some times that will only be for 15 minutes though. When it comes on it works perfect. 


   I have been researching this and have determined it may need a firmware flash (please link the file!! Someone help!), which is not available from Toshiba's site. It may need a digital mainboard or power supply. The firmware seems to be the most common issue. I just need a link to and FTP site or something with the file. I have gone through all channels I could before this post. Talked to Toshiba, TV repair places and hours of internet seaching. PLEASE HELP ME!