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32bv500b HD quality issues, please help!

I have had this TV for over a year now and I have never had time to find out how I can optimize my TV's quality.


When I am playing Xbox on this TV I have it set to 1080p (on the xbox) and when people are round and looking at the TV some question whether it is even on HD. Due to this I tried different HDMI cables and altered all the display settings on the Xbox itself as well as fiddling with the brightness and other settings to try and improve the quality of my 'HD' TV but nothing has seemed to work.


Does anyone have any solution for the bad quality of my TV? The quality also doesn't look great when I'm watching normal TV too.


The 'mode' that my TV is set on is 'Natural' and I sometimes switch it to 'game mode' when I'm using it on my Xbox but there is hardly a difference.


I would really appreciate it if someone would help me sort out this issue before I have to take it the step further and send it back to Toshiba to get it looked at which would be a lot of hassle.


Thank you in advance!Smiley Happy

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Re: 32bv500b HD quality issues, please help!

In addition when I change the source of the TV, for example from 'HDMI 1 to DTV'  and then change it back from DTV to HDMI1 my Xbox that is on HDMI1 will restart for some unknown reason. I have had many TV's in the past and this has never happened to me before.


The reason this bugs me is because sometimes I will be talking to a friend on Xbox whilst watching something on BBC One for example and when I change it back to HDMI1 my xbox will restart. This isn't a huge problem but while I am here I may as well bring it up if any TV experts can fix this issue Smiley Happy 


Thanks again!

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Re: 32bv500b HD quality issues, please help!

That doesn't appear to be a US model, and this is the forums for Toshiba USA. You may want to contact Toshiba in your region.

- Peter