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24V4210U picture-in-picture?

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Crutchfield says this TV supports picture-in-picture, yet Toshiba's page doesn't say anything. There is no PIP button on the remote, and no mention at all of PIP in the manual. Does this TV actually support PIP?


And what type? Meaning: can you do two (analog) cable channels, two OTA digital channels, 2 composite/component/hdmi inputs or can you only do one of each type?


Normally I trust Crutchfield, but the fact that Toshiba's documentation doesn't even mention the feature makes me a little nervous.

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Re: 24V4210U picture-in-picture?

I don't believe that model supports picture-in-picture.

- Peter
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Re: 24V4210U picture-in-picture?

Crutchfield has corrected the page. It is unfortunately true, this TV does not support PIP.