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Re-enabling Toshiba Taskbar

I accidentally deleted the Toshiba taskbar with the icons for virtual keyboard, face recognition, etc. from my desktop. How do I re-enable it? Satellite L675 model.

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Re: Re-enabling Toshiba Taskbar

If you are talking about the Taskbar normally found at the bottom of the screen, you probably have it on "Auto Hide". Hover your mouse near the bottom of the screen and it will temporarily reappear.  If you want to get it to reappear permanently, bring it up by hovering near the bottom of the screen, right click on the Taskbar and select "Properties". Uncheck the box that says "Auto Hide", click Apply and OK.




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Re: Re-enabling Toshiba Taskbar

Adding to CB's accurate message..


the Toshiba taskbar

In case you are talking about the Windows taskbar, there are three things to realize.


1. The Windows taskbar can live on any edge of the screen. (We keep ours at the top.)


2. The taskbar can be resized - from a tiny sliver to about half-way across the screen.


3. The taskbar can be locked in place. Right-click it on an empty space (the clock works) and click Lock the Taskbar on the pop-up menu


When the taskbar seems to disappear, it's usually in tiny-sliver mode. Run your mouse cursor along each edge of the screen. If/when it turns into a two-headed arrow, you've located the taskbar.


While the arrow appears, press the left mouse button while you drag the edge of the taskbar away from the edge of the screen, making it wider.


You can move the taskbar to an adjacent edge of the screen using a left-button mouse drag.


The above applies when the taskbar is unlocked.