moving files to sd card

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moving files to sd card

help i am new to toshiba tablet . 


i put in a 16gb sd card to transfer movies to and it wont let me copy them to the sd card. how do i get the pictures and videos to move to the sd card ?

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Re: moving files to sd card

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you are using File Manager, correct?  If so, and you're doing a standard select, copy, paste via File Manager then I have no idea why you can't move those files.  This always works for me...


edit: here's some info I've copied from another thread I found....

1.  format your SD Card in exFat

2.  get an aftermarket file manager (I use File Manager from Rhythm Software - it's available on Google Play - what used to be Google Market)

3.  With some programs you need to erase your settings and start again, using the File Manager to point the program to the external SD card as a storage location.

4.  Finally, some programs just won't use the external SD card.  That's the programmers fault, not Toshiba's.  It's even worse with tablets that have TWO external SD cards - like the Superpad 2 (HypePad, FlyTouch 2 or 3, etc).  If that's true you can always save the files to the internal SD card and then use File Manager to move them to the external card.