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movies on thrive

How can I download movies to watch on my thrive??
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Re: movies on thrive

You will need to convert the DVD format to a format that the Thrive can see and play. 


Get DVD Catalyst (I Googled its website and bought/downloaded it).  It loads on your PC and the site has a series of tutorials that show how to use it. 


After you convert the DVD format, it will be saved on your PC.  You then use a cable between your PC and your Thive and move the movie(s) into a folder called movies.  Use the File Manager that in on your thrive and if necessary create the folder (if it isn't there).


The Media Player that comes loaded on your thrive will play the movie very nicely. 


I have a 32GB Thrive so the movies don't take up much memory (about 1.5GB/movie).  Afterall after you have seen a movie a couple of times, you just delete it from your Thrive and free up the memory. 


I have read that some people put the movie on either a SD card or a thumb drive but I don't need to yet so cannot speak with authority as to how good Media Player works with them.


I believe DVD Catalyst costs about $15 and does an excellent job for me.