how can i use an sd card as memory?

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how can i use an sd card as memory?

How can I use an SD card as memory instead of the internal memory? I bought the 8gig b/c I have 128gig SD card and thought I would be able to make the tablet save to the card instead of the internal memory.
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Re: how can i use an sd card as memory?

You can't, not at this time. It may be in future - like ICS - but not now. That's why I bought the 16gb, even though on Disability. Read around, did my research - this will suit both needs.


I am still testing my new unit - waiting to see if I can get apps not yet downloaded to cache to SD - but if you reboot (experience with old unit), it quits caching, etc. I don't know enough yet to root, if I didn't have to move - I would be investigating that. BUT, Toshiba MAY give an update to remove the bloatware.


PS - during my testing and comparison between the two units - I noticed much more available memory on the Old device with all apps loaded than the new device. Before shutting off last night, I pulled the battery on the new device, and over 100 mg data became available for ram. I suspect that the updating from 13 to 29, the messing with maps and locations, etc, builds up residual memory that you can't clear up even by uninstalling, clearing cache and data on individual apps, clearing running cached apps, etc.


So pulling the battery, once in awhile, is the best bet (I didn't realize, because I knew I was resetting like cell phone, but sorta the same principal if you have a laptop).