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Working SD slot?

Does anyone have a Thrive with a working SD slot? Mine's not working, but I suspect my SD card -- but before I go out and buy a new card, I just wanted to make sure that other people have been able to get the slot to work. Thanks!


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Re: Working SD slot?

Mine was working with both the standard sd cards and with a sd card reader attactched to a mini sd card.

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Re: Working SD slot?

my card worked 2 weeks now does not see it

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Re: Working SD slot?

If you are using a micro SDcard with an adapter, then that is probably your issue.  If you have a camera (not Sony), you can try the SDcard from it.

Paul L. Dale
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Re: Working SD slot?

I have my thrive since August of last year and have two high capacity 16 gb full sized SD cards. Two different brands. Used them straight from the 'iron maiden' wrapping w/o changing their formatting. One is filled with movies and music DVDs and the other is being used for photo and miss stuff like document.
Neither have given me problems....oh yes they are class 10. I had read that lower (slower) cards might cause problems.

What kind are you using?