Toshiba Thrive Tablet Broken Headphone Jack Fix For Audio Line Out

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Toshiba Thrive Tablet Broken Headphone Jack Fix For Audio Line Out



I love my Toshiba Thrive tablet. I take it with me everywhere I go, nearly every day. I also enjoyed connecting the headphone output jack on the side to an external set of speakers. I would enjoy stereo internet, video watching and so on. I recently broke (cracked) the headphone jack on accident. For months, I heard only through the small, factory installed speakers which, is not quite what I'd call 'ideal stereo.' Has anyone else done this? Despite trying to find repair shops locally, no one will touch a tablet it seems for repair or replacement parts. It's not your usual headphone jack. But - I can tell you how to get your sound back!




While browsing the internet, I found a device that by-passes the headphone jack and instead uses the internal workings of the Thrive tablet's main connection port. This port is located at the base of the unit. It will be covered by a protective, plastic tab that is removeable. Simply pry a little. This long narrow port was designed to allow you to set the entire Thrive tablet into a docking station designed for it. In this docking station are various connection pins that allow the audio to be sent out of the tablet and into the docking station. At the rear of the docking station you'll find a host of connection types:  1) audio out jack/headphone 2) USB 3) HDMI 4) 110v power supply. Simply plug your speakers or headphone cable into the new docking station and you're done! Your audio will work again. I purchased my docking station for $6.00 on Ebay.  Oddly, the unit doesn't charge very well if at all while in the docking station but I've read you can simply remove the cover from your Thrive, remove the battery physically for a few minutes, return it to it's rightful place then close the cover and this fixes the problem. It's a strange little glitche. I have yet to try this yet. I did find that if I plug the cord directly into the Thrive right side as designed, it will recharge the battery as usual. I ordered a few of these docking stations which allow me to simply set the pad down depending on where I am and it will continue to charge. The docks do not come with power outlet so you'll need to consider buying additional but it works wonderfully. There are now even wireless docking stations too!

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Re: Toshiba Thrive Tablet Broken Headphone Jack Fix For Audio Line Out

Thanks for sharing your solution. I'm sorry you weren't able to fix the port itself, but I'm glad you found a solution.

- Peter
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Toshiba Thrive Tablet Broken Headphone Jack Fix For Audio Line Out

HELP ..... can anyone help me please, my headphone jack is damaged. the metal around the headphone jack broke off and into the tablet. if i wigggle the headphones into the broken jack i can hear sound but if i remove the headphons i can hear nothing!!! I believe its stuck in headphone mode. the headphones wont hold inside the jack so im stuck with a tablet and no sound