Tablet locked at startup screen

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Tablet locked at startup screen

Well, I understand and read all about that Kaspersky is embedded into the tablet and installed into wrong folder so it can't be removed officially without rooting, so was just trying to disable the notification. I came to some options in settings where I could Deactivate the software and it kicked me out to my home login screen and asking for a pin. I no longer have access into my tablet without this pin apparently and I have never set it.  I've tried every combo of 0000 and 1111 with no luck. Is there a universal pin for this or am I pretty much screwed? And if screwed, what is my next step to restoring?

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Re: Tablet locked at startup screen

Unfortunately, it sounds like it likely needs to be reset. Depending on the model, either hold the volume-up or volume-down button and the power button when you turn it on (from being off, not sleeping), and then use the volume buttons to navigate the menus and the power button as "enter." You should be able to perform a factory reset from there.

- Peter