Suddenly won't load any online content :( Help Please

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Suddenly won't load any online content :( Help Please

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Any program that I open that has online content like the app store, gmail, even my kindle reader just sits there loading but nothing happens. Even my Twitter app only shows content since I last refreshed but won't show anything new. No idea what the heck's going on. I've shut down twice thinking it's simular to a PC re-booting (which solves a surprising number of issues) but no luck. 


The only thing that was different today is I downloaded Pandora (streaming music). It was working fine for a while after installing it though it was only after I let my tablet sit in sleep mode for a couple hours. I uninstalled Pandora and shutdown my thrive but still  nothing.


It's says I'm connected to my wifi (home network) and I have plenty of bars (sitting right next to my router anyway) so I don't think it's the connection.


Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long ramble but that's how I get when i'm tired Smiley Happy can't seem to word it any shorter.


**Edited to add: I went through the handy dandy users manual and followed the instructions for "screens or apps that take a long time to load" lol  it just said to make sure I had updated software. I do so I'm still stumped. Will go to bed and hope a forum reply or magical solution is waiting for me in the morn. Smiley Happy tks.**

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Re: Suddenly won't load any online content :( Help Please

Unplug your wireless router, wait a minute, then plug it back in then retry connecting the THRiVE to the wireless...


Or try taking the THRiVE and connecting to another wireless/hotspot then see what happens.

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