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Speaker Problem FIXED!!

The THRiVE headphone jack is apparently very sensitive and any spec of dust can activate "headphone mode." If this happens to you, you will hear notification and alarm sounds from the speaker but the speakers will not play any audio for video, games or music. 


Below is a quick and easy fix - Worked for me.


1. Power off and remove battery

2. Spray some "electrical contact cleaning solution" into the headphones jack (available at any hardware store)

3. Plug in and out head phones jack a couple times (so that the solution touches all internal components)

4. Spray some more "electrical contact cleaning solution"

5. Plug in and out head phones jack a couple more times times 

6. Let the solution dry and reboot ...voila! 



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Re: Speaker Problem FIXED!!


I just sprayed the into the headphones jack with electrical contact cleaning solution as instructed and it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot, with out this information I would be in big trouble here in South America

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Re: Speaker Problem FIXED!!

Hope what you're using is safe for plastic stuff....

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Re: Speaker Problem FIXED!!

Sprayed compressed air into head phone jack, wiggled the head phone jack into the jack a couple of times and voila - the built in speakers are working again!!!!!

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Re: Speaker Problem FIXED!!

does anyone know how to get tthe volume back ON without using headphone jack. My headphone jack piece has broken off and pushed inside of tablet. when i wiggle the headphone piece into the hole I can hear volume but headphones wont remain in place. how do i get my sound back without use of headphones??? i believe its stuck and sytsem thinks headphones are still in ....