Slow Buffering of YouTube HD Videos

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Slow Buffering of YouTube HD Videos

I just got a new Thrive yesterday and updated to .029.  I get very slow buffering and stop & starts during palyback (as it keeps pausing to buffer), mainly on HD videos on YouTube. 


I have no problems with my in-home wi-fi, as I can simultaneously run the same HD videos on my PC and T-Mobile Mytouch 4G with no buffering issues.  Without any other videos running on the other devices on the same wi-fi connection the Thrive just hiccups along.  Regular videos do not have much of a problem.


Unchecking "High Quality on Mobile: in YouTube General Settings or clearing the cache did not help.


Anyone experience this or have any suggestions on how to fix?


Other than this it works great and have not experienced any SOD or other problems.



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Re: Slow Buffering of YouTube HD Videos

Same issue.  I bought mine from best buy so I could take it back within 30 days if I'm not happy.  I agree, I love this tablet other than this issue, for me it's not just youtube HD videos, it's ANY video, even or google + shared videos.  HELP or I'm taking it back.