SDHC Recommendations???

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SDHC Recommendations???



I have the 10" 16GB Thrive wit Android 3.2 on it. Can anyone recommend really good and fast SDHC Cards for this tablet. I prefer something of higher class and of 32GB.


I read the post about how Toshiba does not allow one to make the SD card as the Primary Storage. that does suck. I wonder if there is an alternative (hacking) way of doing this. hmmmm... I hope Toshiba can make teh necessary updates in the upcoming software updates. And I hope they release Android 4 soon.


A good 32GB card I found is:


But will Class 10 work on this Tablet? I want to use it for storing and watching HD Movies, loading eBooks, pictures, and etc..


Please tell me your recommendations for a good 32GB (or above) high speed SDHC card.



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Re: SDHC Recommendations???

Yes, class 10 will definately work...I have two, one is filled with movies and the other I am using for photos & music.

I would avoid micro SDs...have read about too many problems.


My last purchase was at Fry's and was a Patriot LX series class 10 SDHC....worked right out of the reformating necessary.


Stick with brand names and you should be ok.