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Recover Deleted FIle

The thrive has a quick trigger for allowing multiclick. I tried to delete one video and somehow it deleted 2. My fault im sure. I need to recover the deleted video.


Most android devices have some way to use an app for recovery, others allow for mounting to a pc than running software. 


I am not finding luck for me with the THRIVE. Can you give me a plan for recovering? I have not turned off the device since it happened and am avoiding using it so as to not overwrite the partition.


I am told if i root it the various APPS will work. If i must do that I will. But im nervous of those steps.



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Re: Recover Deleted FIle

The only Android tools that I am aware of are for rooted devices.


You may want to check out the following links:


SD Card Data Recovery: How to Recover Files from SD Card


Free SD Card Recovery

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Re: Recover Deleted FIle

That lucky you have not overwrite your partition. 


 Can you take out your SD card, and recover your files with SD card data recovery tool ?


Or you can have a try with this android data recovery tool. 



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Re: Recover Deleted FIle

Actually, lost files are stored on the memory card of your Android phone. And there are some memory card recovery software available to undeleted data from memory card. If you haven't overwritten your data, you may try Android Recovery! I used it and it worked!
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