Printing from the Thrive Tablet

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Printing from the Thrive Tablet

I have a home network with 2 computers in my house, I do allot of work with the tablet.  How do I print from the tablet without using printshare, I am not willing to pay for it. I want to get the tablet connected to my home network, which has a network name and I can print thru a shared printer, but how do I do that?

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Re: Printing from the Thrive Tablet

You could:


A) Download the brand specific app for that printer. HP, Epson, Brother, and also Lexmark now have apps for phones / tablets that allow wireless printing.


B) Wait for Printershare to go free again on the Amazon App Market


C) Set up a Google Cloud Print for android

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Re: Printing from the Thrive Tablet

Just so everyone knows, Google Chromium on Ubuntu has been updated to activate Cloud Printing. I set up my system and the Thrive using Cloud Print and everything works perfectly.