Playing Videos & Closing background Applications??? (Pls see and reply)

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Playing Videos & Closing background Applications??? (Pls see and reply)



So i got my Thrive (10", 16GB, Android 3.2), and i like it so far. I chose this over the iPad 2, as it has flexibility/customization, and it has full ports (SD, USB, and HDMI).


The 2 issues I am dealing with is:

- When playing HD video files in various formats (DivX, MKV, MP4, WMV, etc..) the sound gets lost for few seconds and then comes back. Why does this happen? I am playing the files with the Mx Video Player (w ARM 7), found in the Android Marketplace. What is a very good player to play all sorts of video formats, including HD (1080p)??


- Also, I see that whenever u close an app, it still runs in the background. How do i close the background running apps completely?? When i go to settings-> apllications, and then i try to force close the apps, some do, while tohers restart automatically... Apple's iOS has a neat way of closing background apps, and i hope Android improves it in the next update. Any suggestion on how to close them??


- And when running skype for video calls, my screen went blank when i tried to do a video call on Skype.. Any suggetions???






(Note: i am new to the Android. I am used to iOS).