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Music download from computer or USB

Just received my Thrive Tablet and wanted to put some music on the unit that I already own.  Transferred from USB.  I see the music files in the File Manager and even when I go to the Music App.  But it won't play.  I see a small message that states something like " error reading" or something like that.  I see in the File Manager that the music files are .wma.  Is this the problem?  Does the Thrive tablet not recognize these files?  If so, how do I change that?  Thanks

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Re: Music download from computer or USB

I had the same problem. I wanted to put some CD music on my Thrive! Here is how I did it. First, CDs are in MP4 format. Your Thrive utilizes MP3. So, what I did was to download a format conversion program, off the Internet, to concert MP4 to MP3. Then, I put the songs on my USB flash drive and loaded them into my Thrive.
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Re: Music download from computer or USB

cds are not in mp4 format unless converted. mp4 or m4a files play also as I am listening as I type this.