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Movie downloads

I purchased my Thrive in August, what a mistake!  Frankly, I'm tired of waiting for movie downloads to be enabled in Android Market.  And no, I don't want to stream movies.


I would hate to buy an ipad but at least they work.  Thrive isn't ready for the "big leagues".

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Re: Movie downloads

dont get me wrong, i do love my Thrive, its great for email, tweeting, pics and some movies but the sound is not that great, the studdering in movies is a pain, no netflix, no NBC or ABC app, no google movies, no real multimedia for it, unless you do it yourself, or view web movies, you have to burn your DVDs for the  device, its a great working tool, but a pain for entertainment, i went and bought and Ipad 2 64 gb and have no regrets.

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Re: Movie downloads

Noted and understood. Now with that said, if someone is looking for a "quick fix" with little to no options, then yeah an I pad is a good choice. However, can an I pad take a full SD card loaded with one's entire DVD collection (requires conversion first to an ISO then to a mp4 file, might be an easier way), and watch it on mobo on a widescreen format? As far as the sound goes, I found a USB external sound card for under 10 bucks, and a headphone sound amplifier for about the same. Also, can an I pad support a full HDMI just in case you want to play it on a friend's HDTV? I guess maybe if it supports Bluetooth. One could argue that what I stated previously is far too much work for something that should be built in, but there is no such thing as a perfect tablet. Just find one that works and stop complaining. I for one like multiple possibilities without the need for I tunes to dictate everything and that is why I own a thrive, except for external DVD drives....just get a laptop.
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Movie Download Help

A little help, please...My wife bought me a 32g Thrive for my birthday.  love Toshiba products, but am NOT a computer guy.  I want to download movies and watch when I don't have internet connectivity. I have tried iTunes, and can't get them to play. I have also tried RealPlayer, and WMV's.

How and where can I download movies that will play on my Thrive? Again, I am not a computer guy, so simple instructions are needed.


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Re: Movie Download Help

buying  atablet without knowing computers is going to take effort on your part to learn!!! I'll give you a start but i suggest you start reading,searching for help, all kinds help on the internet for this already. Tablets may not be your thing if your not atleast willing to search for how to's on the internet.,

You'll need:

1. install a movie player App from android market, such as "movie player mx" or mobo

2.Trasfer the movie file on your pc to sd card or usb drive. (i'm assuming you have the movie files already on your pc)

    If not then you need to learn how to do that first. You can buy dvd with digital copies.

3.insert sd card or usb drive into your Thrive, Copy to hard drive.

4. uSe movie player app to navigate to where the movie is saved and play.


Good luck..if you dont understand these instructions, you need to read and learn tablet and android basics in the forum at the top, and there are many other resources on the internet. Most people will not want to walk you through these kind of simple tasks, because they are basics that can be learned by reading and searching the web.

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Re: Movie Download Help

Merry Christmas and thank you for the condescending response.  My primary issue is that the format is similar to the Zoom (h.264), and I am unfamiliar with the converter options, as the ones I've tried have not worked.

Let's try this, what is a good converter program? I am fairly cognizant of how to download a video, but in the proper format was my overriding question.


Is there a site that already has movies in this (.264) format?  Toshiba dropped the ball on this aspect of their device, as many of us want to be able to download a movie and then play it, rather than download a movie, convert it to a new format, then save (again) to an sd card. A whole lot of extra steps that many other devices do not require.