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How to free up space on Toshiba thrive with message error disk is full

What really happens is that whatever you do on your thrive, all actions are cached to main disk ( sdcard ) in order to speed up the said action in future, thus increasing speed as with a regular Web browser.

In order to free up these spaces the caches of each individual program had to be manually deleted, from the program setting it cannot be done, the program will go through the motion but the cache on the internal disk/sdcard will remain thus causing it to be full.

Another bug is that all pictures and ebooks that are saved on your external sdcard/disk will also be copied to the internal cache on the sdcard thus creating double, a kind of thumbnail for faster retrieval.

As mentioned before the deletion has to be done manually using your file browser and deleting files that are saved in folders such as CACHE, BACKUP, in each individual program. The main folder to be emptied is DCIM / THUMBNAILS. The major problem is that whenever you view your pictures again, thumbnails will be created and everything starts over again .




Hope this helps.