How do I load photos

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How do I load photos

How do I load photos from my main PC to my Thrive and how do I use my SDHC card to load photos from it.

My camera is a Nikon E5000.

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Re: How do I load photos

The easiest way is to use the SD card to transfer photos/files to the THRiVE but its not your only option. I can do so several ways and I'll list them off for you:


1) SD card for this you'll need a card reader/writer either built into the PC or attached to the computer via USB. They're cheap to buy, always good to have one around. When you pop the SD card into the slot of the card reader it'll show up as a new Drive Letter on your PC in windows, most likely similar in Apple and Linux. At this point its simply a matter of copy/paste or moving the files you want to the SD card.  (Keep in mind you may or may not have to format the SD card, most likely you wont need to.)


Once you're done loading up the files of note, pop the card back out of the PC card reader and into the THRiVE. The tablet will then show that it sees and SD card and give you the option to browse it. You can look at and interract with the files on the card with several apps including Gallery, and File Manager.


2) Bluetooth connection, if you have bluetooth on the computer then you can link it to the THRiVE's bluetooth and transfer files this way as well. They'll all show up in the Bluetooth folder on the Toshiba and you can do what you want to with them from this point on. If you're unfamilar with bluetooth then do google it, its a lovely thing to have. And if your computer doesn't already have it you can buy a relatively inexpensive dongle for $29 or less.


3) Dropbox/Carbonite/Cloud networks, as long as you're connected to the internet you can also download one of these apps and make yourself an account that will store your files online for you to access anywhere, including on the THRiVE. Making it easy to upload them from the PC and download again onto the tablet.


4) EYEFI cards, if your primary focus is moving photos from the camera to the THRiVE then this is a lovely gem to get your hands on. The EYEFI card goes into the camera's SD card slot and it transfers the photos as they are being taken wirelessly to a receiving laptop/desktop/tablet/smartphone that also has wifi and the free app. So as soon as you take the shot you see the photo pop up on the THRiVE available to view on the 10.1" screen.


5) USB connect from PC, you have a USB cord that came with the tablet, you can use this as well to transfer photos to the THRiVE


6) USB cord from THRiVE to camera, not 100% working on all cameras but many cameras if plugged in to the THRiVE will allow you to view the photos and will even offer to create a new folder on the THRiVE called "Imported" and will suck in all the photos available on the camera.


7) Wifi explorer (and other options like it) an app that allows you to access the THRiVE as a wireless network storage device from the PC, download the files from the tablet or upload new ones to it as well.


I feel thats enough for now...

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